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A systematic approach to chronic heart failure care: a consensus statement

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To the Editor: We commend Page and colleagues for their comprehensive statement on chronic heart failure (CHF) care.1 However, we wish to highlight an important omission to the discussion regarding telemonitoring.

There is Level 1 evidence for the use of telemonitoring as part of CHF management.2 Currently, telehealth is a major strategic item on the agenda of the federal Department of Health.3 Telehealth and telemonitoring can be the best options for Australians with CHF who do not have access to multidisciplinary or specialist heart failure care for reasons of carer responsibility, geography, socioeconomics, cultural and linguistic diversity, frailty, immobility or complexity of illness. To provide truly consumer-focused CHF care, options need to be available to all patients equally.4

We believe an opportunity has been missed in this consensus statement, particularly in regard to the poor access to multidisciplinary and specialist CHF care services in Australia.5 Although the evidence base for the use of telehealth in CHF care and management is still evolving, we now have a significant body of evidence demonstrating effectiveness in improving CHF outcomes.2

We agree with the authors…