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A visual summary for medical students and physicians

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Mindmaps in ophthalmology.
Abhishek Sharma. CRC Press, 2015 (367 pp, £52.99). ISBN 9781482230635

A mind map is a graphical organisation of ideas, a “visual thinking tool” for structuring information, which psychologist Tony Buzan (www.tonybuzan.com) has claimed improves memory and understanding.

In Mindmaps in ophthalmology, Abhishek Sharma, a medical and surgical retinal specialist at the Queensland Eye Institute, uses this technique to “provide an overview of clinical ophthalmology” problems. Sharma wrote the book during his training for Fellowship of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists, and there is no comparable publication.

Ideas are arranged in “spider charts”, with the problem in the centre of the page and deductions spreading out radially in a hierarchical relationship.…