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Important notice

doctorportal Learning is on the move as we will be launching a new website very shortly. If you would like to sign up to dp Learning now to register for CPD learning or to use our CPD tracker, please email support@doctorportal.com.au so we can assist you. If you are already signed up to doctorportal Learning, your login will work in the new site so you can continue to enrol for learning, complete an online module, or access your CPD tracker report.

To access and/or sign up for other resources such as Jobs Board, Bookshop or InSight+, please go to www.mja.com.au, or click the relevant menu item and you will be redirected.

All other doctorportal services, such as Find A Doctor, are no longer available.

About Us

The needs of the medical profession have changed. Doctors have asked us for convenient, time-saving ways to keep up-to-date. doctorportal provides relevant information and resources for medical professionals, all in one centralised location. doctorportal delivers current, clinical and medico-political news, from a number of local and global journal and health news sources.

doctorportal is integrated with the Medical Directory of Australia providing a secure authentication system that only registered medical professionals have permission to view. Once logged in doctors can access the following information:

    • doctorportal learning – complete accredited, online, medical education, register for CPD events, gain formal qualifications and/or upload your learning evidence for complete CPD tracking against your chosen college(s) or against the Medical Board of Australia reporting requirements.
    • Find a Doctor – a FREE national doctor search service to find colleagues for referrals. You can update your information by contacting us here
    • Bookshop – purchase your medical text books online.
    • Jobs – all the latest medical jobs from around Australia; search roles anonymously, set up job alerts or advertise medical roles.
    • News – keep up to date with relevant local and international news, including access to MJA Insight.
    • Doctors’ Health – resources and contact details for doctors’ health services available in every state and territory.
    • Resources – links to key medical resources, all in one place.
    • GP Desktop Tool – a quick-find tool referencing over 500 resources for GPs. Managed by the AMA’s dedicated GP policy team.

We are keen to keep upgrading the service we offer and welcome contributions. If you have found useful resources and links you would like to share with the community please contact us.

doctorportal is owned and operated by the AMA and the Australasian Medical Publishing Company (AMPCo), publisher of the Medical Journal of Australia and MJA InSight. AMPCo is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the AMA (publisher of Australian Medicine).