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AMA in Action – 15 July 2013

AMA President Dr Steve Hambleton has been busy representing the AMA around the globe this past month, attending the Queen’s Health Policy Change Conference in Canada, the American Medical Association’s House of Delegates and the British Medical Association’s Annual Representative Meeting.

Dr Hambleton started his trip in Canada, where he met with Dr David Walker and Dr Michael Green from Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada. Dr Hambleton presented a talk about the Australian Medicare system at the Queen’s Health Policy Change Conference and discussed how aspects could be adopted for a Canadian Medicare-style model of care.

Dr Hambleton then travelled Chicago attend the installation of incoming American Medical Association President Dr Ardis Dee Hoven. Dr Hambleton met World Medical Association President Dr Cecil Wilson and President-elect of the American Academy of Family Physicians Dr Reid Blackwelder while attending the conference. During his visit, Dr Hambleton stopped in at the Center for Care and Discovery  – a teaching hospital attached to the University of Chicago – and attended a meeting with the Center’s Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs Dr Ken Polonsky to learn about its operations.

From there, Dr Hambleton flew to Edinburgh in Scotland to attend a meeting at which the new BMA President Dr David Haslam was installed. He spoke with WMA Chair Dr Mukesh Haikerwal and Chinese Medical Association delegates, many of whom he had met recently at the Chinese Medical Association’s Annual Conference. Dr Hambleton also held talks with Dr Hamish Meldrum, Immediate Past Chair of BMA, about the British health system.

Dr Hambleton arrived back in Australia ready to step up the AMA campaign against Federal Government’s $2000 cap on tax deductions for work-related self-education expenses. He met representatives from more than 20 other professional organisations opposed to the cap, and took part in discussions for strategies to achieve its removal. To get the latest updates on the campaign to go www.scrapthecap.com.au or follow #scrapthecap on twitter.

Dr Hambleton also met with two Department of Veterans Affairs officials: Chief Medical Officer Dr Graeme Killer, and First Assistant Secretary Judy Daniel, and discussed the AMA’s strategy for the upcoming election with the AMA Executive Council.