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AMA in the News

Your AMA has been active on policy and in the media on a range of issues crucial to making our health system better. Below is a snapshot of recent media coverage.


Specialists exposed in new website for public to rate doctors, Sydney Morning Herald, 29 July 2016

AMA President Dr Michael Gannon said 86 per cent of doctors already charged the recommended fee. He said that he understood the desire for greater information, but a website owned by health insurers has potential to produce asymmetry in a whole lot more dangerous way than relying on GPs.

Medicare freeze U-turn tipped, The Australian, 26 July 2016

Dr Gannon said he did not expect the rebate freeze, which was introduced by a Labor government and then extended by the Coalition, to be taken to the next election.

Designer babies, Adelaide Advertiser, 25 July 2016

Dr Gannon, who is an obstetrician, said gender selection for family balancing was not an appropriate use of medical science.

Doctors expect Medicare win, West Australia, 22 July 2016

Doctors expect Malcolm Turnbull to surrender over the Medicare rebate freeze, with the AMA saying it would be gobsmacked if the Government took the policy to the next election.

Celebs should know: fame won’t heal what ails you, Sun Herald, 17 July 2016

AMA Vice President Tony Bartone said that an off-the-cuff comment by an ill-informed celebrity can overturn years of public education about good health care.

Medicare hike proposed by AMA, Northern Territory News, 16 July 2016

Dr Gannon said an increase in the Medicare levy should be considered as a way of ending cutbacks to hospital funding.

Ministers warned PM about voter backlash over super, The Australian, 12 July 2016

Dr Gannon said the AMA had warned the Government under both Mr Turnbull and former Prime Minister Tony Abbott that health policies from the 2014 Budget were bad and must change.

Medicare levy rise ‘should be on table’, The Australian, 8 July 2016

Dr Gannon said it was time to have a proper discussion about the sustainability of Medicare, arguing an increase to the 2 per cent levy should be considered.

It’s Medi-crunch, Herald Sun, 7 July 2016

Dr Gannon said the Coalition should end the Medicare rebate freeze, halt price rises for medicines, leave bulk billing incentives in place and boost hospital funding.

Kids off the scale, Herald Sun, 7 July 2016

Dr Gannon said it was time to invest in the future to “reap the benefits in the years to come”.  Some parents find it hard to make healthy choices when energy-rich foods are so readily available.

AMA calls for review of Medicare rebate freeze, Canberra Times, 6 July 2016

Dr Gannon said the Medicare rebate freeze had always been bad policy, and the election outcome proved it was bad politics as well.

Turnbull trips on Medicare misstep, Weekend West, 2 July 2016

Dr Gannon said GPs were reporting being at “breaking point”, and some had already changed their billing practices. He warned fees could “easily” rise to $15 a patient, which could cause some to defer seeking care if the Medicare rebate freeze wasn’t abolished.


Dr Michael Gannon, 702 ABC Sydney, 29 July 2016

Dr Gannon said he had a lot of concerns about a new rate-my-doctor-style website. He questioned the purpose of the website. While he supported the stated aim to reduce bill shock for patients having private medical care, he said the size of the problem isn’t as great as some might assert.

Dr Tony Bartone, Triple J Hack, 28 July 2016

Dr Bartone said catching bi-polar early can give suffers the chance to cope with their disorder better.

Dr Michael Gannon, 6PR Perth, 27 July 2016

Dr Gannon said health professionals alerting national security authorities of a patient’s activities could be breaching client confidentiality. He said one of the reasons that patient confidentiality was so important was that people should feel that they had the ability to seek help if they were sick, including mental illness.

Dr Michael Gannon, 3AW Melbourne, 25 July 2016

Dr Gannon said allowing gender selection for a third child using IVF would open the door for people to have IVF for no reason other than “family balance”.

Dr Michael Gannon, Radio National, 21 July 2016

Dr Gannon said after meeting with Health Minister Sussan Ley that he would be gobsmacked if the Coalition maintained its Medicare rebate freeze to the next election.

Dr Tony Bartone, 5AA Adelaide, 18 July 2016

Dr Bartone said changes to diabetic subsidies only affected type 2 diabetics who were not on insulin, and after the first six months patients could still get access to subsidised strips if a doctor deemed it appropriate to manage their care.

Dr Michael Gannon, 2GB Sydney, 15 July 2016

Dr Gannon said it was disappointing the Coalition didn’t focus on health much during the election campaign.

Dr Michael Gannon, ABC North West WA, 11 July 2016

Dr Gannon discussed the re-election of the Turnbull Government and said the Government needed to unravel the freeze on the Medicare rebate.

Dr Michael Gannon, ABC News Radio, 6 July 2016

Dr Gannon talked about Medicare scare campaign claims and said the Federal Coalition health policy laid fertile ground for the allegations.

Dr Michael Gannon, SYN FM, 5 July 2016

Dr Gannon said the AMA had been calling for a sugar tax for a number of years. Overweight and obesity was the second highest contributor to the burden of disease in Australian. Dr Gannon said a sugar tax alone would not fix the problem, but it should be part of a holistic approach.

Dr Michael Gannon, Radio National, 1 July 2016

With opinion polls showing the Federal election outcome on a knife-edge, Dr Gannon said a six-year freeze on Medicare rebates would invariably mean bulk billing became a thing of the past in many doctor surgeries.


Dr Michael Gannon, Seven News, 21 July 2016

Doctors are pressuring the Government to end its Medicare rebate freeze to avoid another scare campaign at the next election. After talks with the Health Minister, the AMA President Dr Michael Gannon said he would be gobsmacked if a change wasn’t made.

Dr Michael Gannon, Sky News, 6 July 2016
Dr Gannon said Labor’s campaign threat that the Coalition would privatise Medicare was not true, but was part of a scare campaign that worked. He said unravelling the GP freeze would go a long way to assuaging the concerns of the AMA and the medical profession.

Dr Michael Gannon, TEN Eyewitness News, 1 July 2016
Dr Gannon warned that patients could be asked to fork out up to an extra $25 to see their doctor thanks to the Government’s freeze of the GP rebate.

Dr Michael Gannon, ABC News 24, 1 July 2016
Dr Gannon said the AMA was ready to work with whoever was elected but, the AMA was concerned about the freeze on Medicare rebates, as GPs were at breaking point.