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AMA in the News

Your AMA has been active on policy and in the media on a range of issues crucial to making our health system better. Below is a snapshot of recent media coverage.


Lift freeze on Medicare rebate, AMA tells Libs, The Australian, 18 August 2016

Australian Medical Association President Dr Michael Gannon has called on Malcolm Turnbull and Health Minister Sussan Ley to “stare down” their cabinet colleagues and restore funding to the sector.

Health funds put profits first, Australian Financial Review, 18 August 2016

Dr Gannon wants the Federal Government and regulators to check private health insurers’ increasingly aggressive behaviour that he says puts profits above patients.

Show us the money, Adelaide Advertiser, 18 August 2016

Doctors will boycott the Federal Government’s Health Care Homes program unless it is better funded, the Australian Medical Association warns. Dr Gannon, in his first address to the National Press Club, listed primary prevention as one of the key priorities of the doctors’ group.

Health insurance fee crisis put down to prostheses costs, The Australian, 22 August 2016

Dr Gannon talked about claims by health insurers that the price of pacemakers and replacement hips and knees is the cause of Australia’s rising health insurance premiums. Dr Gannon said that he did not believe that Australia’s healthcare costs were out of control.

Australia produces more specialists, not enough GPs, The Age, 25 August 2016

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reported that while the number of registered medical practitioners overall has increased by 3.4 per cent a year, the ratio of general practitioners has remained steady. AMA Vice President Dr Tony Bartone, said the increase in specialists was needed, but the number of GPs remained too low, especially in rural and remote areas.

Doc drug spruiking revealed, Adelaide Advertiser, 1 September 2016

Drug companies have revealed they are paying Australian doctors up to $19,000 for overseas trips, and more than $18,000 in speaking and consultancy fees to spruik and critique their medicines. Dr Gannon said some of the payments helped doctors attend medical conferences to keep up to date with developments in their field.


Dr Michael Gannon, ABC 666 Canberra, 17 August 2016

Dr Gannon speaks about his upcoming National Press Club Address. He says health is not the problem in the Federal Budget and there will be inevitable increases in health spending due to the aging population.

Dr Michael Gannon, 2CC Breakfast, 17 August 2016

Dr Gannon talks about his upcoming address to the National press Club. He says the AMA is a voice independent from Government.

Dr Michael Gannon, ABC North West, 22 August 2016

Dr Gannon talks about a body representing private health insurance called “For Government Reforms” which they say will make private health insurance cheaper.

Dr Michael Gannon, 702 ABC Perth, 24 August 2016

Dr Gannon talks about a GP who has admitted assisting in hastening the death of a patient. Dr Gannon says that doctors have to act within the limits of the law and ethical code.

Dr Michael Gannon, 6PR Perth, 6 September 2016

Dr Gannon says the Federal Government is looking to drop the requirement for a doctor to issue medical certificates for sickness, dismissing Medicare costs and reducing the cost of the country’s medical services. Dr Gannon says doctors would miss out on health promotion opportunities.

Dr Michael Gannon, ABC 666 Canberra, 6 September 2016

Dr Gannon accused the Federal Government of unfairly blaming GPs for ballooning health costs after an interim report for the MBS Review was released.

Dr Michael Gannon, 2UE, 12 September 2016

Dr Gannon talks about a review into the Medicare Benefits Schedule. Dr Gannon said primary care lacks funding, which creates problems.

Dr Michael Gannon, Radio National, 13 September 2016

Dr Gannon talks about the warning signs of stillbirths, saying decreased foetal movement is not normal. Dr Gannon says decreased foetal movement is a sign that the baby is at risk due to placental deficiency and pregnant women who think that their babies are being quiet should take the time to rest and assess the foetal movement.

Dr Tony Bartone, Radio National, 13 September 2016
AMA Vice President Dr Tony Bartone commented about the latest report on Australian health which found alarming rates of chronic disease caused by lifestyle choices. Dr Tony Bartone said good preventive care is worth much more than the cost of consultation as many cases of chronic disease could have been avoided by preventive measures such as quitting smoking or reducing alcohol consumption.


Dr Michael Gannon, ABC News 24, 17 August 2016
Address to the National Press Club by AMA President Dr Michael Gannon.

Dr Michael Gannon, Sky News, 2 September 2016

Dr Gannon discusses ethical implications from a court ruling that a child with brain cancer does not have to undergo treatment. Dr Gannon also discusses same sex marriage and foetal alcohol syndrome.

Dr Michael Gannon, Channel 7 Perth, 3 September 2016

Dr Gannon comments on swabs taken on hand rails, doors and ticket machines that revealed the presence of a range of germs responsible for many common respiratory and stomach infections.

Dr Michael Gannon, ABC News 24, 5 September 2016

Dr Gannon comments on the interim report of the Medical Benefits Schedule Review, which found patients visiting doctors for sick certificates, repeat scripts and routine test results cause costs to surge. He said patients who present for repeat prescriptions provided doctors with a health promotion opportunity. He says bashing GP as inefficient or expensive is not right.

Dr Michael Gannon, Channel 9 The Today Show, 10 September 2016

Dr Gannon talks about the MBS Review interim report, saying the current situation, with doctors prescribing medicines and pharmacists dispensing them, is working well and avoids ethical conundrums.