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Anti-vax parents told: don’t pay

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Parents seeking a “conscientious objector” exemption to their child’s vaccination are being urged to refuse to pay doctors who decline to back their claim.

In a sign of the level of resistance being mounted by some against vaccination, Australian Medicine has seen a copy of a letter being circulated among anti-vax parents giving them detailed instructions on how to go about claiming ‘conscientious objector’ status.

It tells parents to document the names of any receptionists spoken to when making an appointment, not to make any payment before seeing the doctor, and not to take any children.

Instead, parents are advised, ask any doctors who refuse to sign a conscientious objector form to provide copies of scientific evidence demonstrating the link between raised antibody levels and immunity, and studies comparing the health of vaccinated and unvaccinated children.

Parents are advised that if the doctor treats them with “disrespect”, they can report them for their conduct and, if they do not sign the conscientious objector form, refuse to pay.

“If you do not get the form signed, do not pay for the consultation, as you did not get what you went for,” the letter advises.