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App set to change general practice medicine through information sharing

An Australian software company has developed an app designed to better connect GPs with patient healthcare information.

MediTracker was recently launched nationally after its creation by Precedence Health Care

The largest network of medical practises in Australia, IPN medical centres, has officially announced it will roll out the MediTracker app to all of its practices – eventually allowing up to two million patients to have access to their medical data held on their regular GPs’ medical record.

MediTracker also links to Apple Health, Google Fit and wearable health devices such as blood pressure monitors and activity trackers, so health measurements can be shared, subject to consent, with a patient’s care team of GPs, allied health and specialists.

The Primary Health Care Advisory Group’s (PHCAG) 2015 report, Better Outcomes for people with Chronic and Complex Health Conditions examined the fragmented nature of healthcare and the need for a greater continuity of care.

Included in the report were recommendations to change the current Australian model of health care so that: “Patients are activated to maximise their knowledge, skills and confidence to manage their health, aided by technology and with the support of a health care team.”

Highlighted in the report also was the need for improving patient outcomes through ‘continuous and comprehensive care’ in support of a GP led patient-centred care pathway.

The CEO of Precedence, the app’s development company, Professor Michael Georgeff, said the app was a: “Simple communication tool that gives GPs a way of making sure their patients have the correct information they need.

“It is ideal for patients living with a chronic disease or a complex health condition as it enables them to accurately recall all their medical information after hours, when they are away from home, in emergencies or dealing with different care team members.”

The app does not retrieve GP notes, documents or record marked confidential.

Meredith Horne