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Baggoley steps down

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The former Deputy Chair of Health Workforce Australia has been appointed to replace Professor Chris Baggoley, who has retired as the nation’s Chief Medical Officer.

Professor Brendan Murphy, who served on the now-defunct HWA and has been Chief Executive Officer of Austin Health in Victoria since 2005, has been selected by Health Department Secretary Martin Bowles to succeed Professor Baggoley in the frontline role.

Mr Bowles announced Professor Baggoley’s departure last week, and praised the leadership he had shown in the CMO role in the past five years, particularly in advancing the nation’s response to mounting global antibiotic resistance, the threat of communicable diseases, and improved detection of non-communicable illnesses such as cancer.

The Health Department head singled out Professor Baggoley’s significant contribution to the international response to epidemics including Ebola, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and, most recently, the Zika virus.

In addition to his work on the World Health Organisation’s International Health Regulations Emergency Committee – which played a central advisory role during the Ebola, MERS and Zika outbreaks – Mr Bowles said Professor Baggoley had also been instrumental in work to improve the nation’s defences against, and response to, international health emergencies.

Professor Murphy will take up the CMO position on 4 October. In the interim, the position will be filled by Dr Tony Hobbs, who has been appointed Deputy CMO.

Adrian Rollins