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Call for global action to halt the superbug

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Abdul Ghafur explains that we need to move beyond national boundaries to tackle antimicrobial resistance

The Chennai Declaration, a roadmap devised by medical specialist groups from across India to tackle antimicrobial resistance, and published in December 2012, states the following:

Microbes are global citizens; their spread across the earth not being restricted by the national boundaries or national flags. If we intend to challenge microbes and tackle the situation, we have to pursue the behaviour and tactics of bugs, by becoming global citizens and thinking beyond national boundaries. High quality infection control set-ups in developed countries may not be fruitful unless countries with high resistance rates and less stringent infection control facilities take serious measures to control resistance.1

High-income countries spend a good share of their health care budget on establishing and improving infection control standards in their hospitals, whereas in the developing world, infection control is often neglected due to a lack of awareness, lack of infrastructure and financial constraints.2 International…