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Candidate profile – Dr Janice Fletcher MBBS (Hons 1), MD, BSc, FRACP, FRCPA

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Nominating for the position of AMA Vice President

My decision to nominate for Vice President came about after careful consideration about what I could offer the role, and, importantly, if I had the time to commit to the requirements of the position.

After a recent (second) knee replacement I also had to make sure I was fit to run.  I, only half jokingly, credit my orthopaedic surgeon for this decision.

Having served as President of the AMA SA I have been exposed to the rigours of such a role.

I believe strongly in the role of the AMA, recognising the issues both at Federal and State level, having worked in South Australia, New South Wales, and Victoria.  Coming from a small state, I bring geographic diversity to the executive table.

My professional background is diverse; paediatrics, genetics, pathology and medical administration.  I was proud to be the fourth female President of the AMA SA. 

As a strongly influential organisation, the AMA must be at the forefront of setting the health agenda for Australia. As experts in evidence-based medicine, we need an evidence-based approach to our profession.

We need to advocate for, and evaluate, research which will give us a true picture of the health needs of the Australian community and the workforce requirements in the next five, ten, twenty years and beyond. And we need to know who is currently being trained, and in what areas.

This will give our next generation of doctors a much better insight into where the jobs will be in the coming years.

In taking this proactive role the AMA will be re-established as the key decision maker, ensuring that the right policies are in place to steer the right course.

I have extensive experience in the public domain, with the media and have worked with all sides of politics.

I have been given a ‘sensible’ tag, which I wear proudly. This role is not about me, but more about the decisions the AMA makes. I bring to the table a considered approach, objectively looking at all sides of an issue. I know when to ‘keep my powder dry’ and when to go in, guns blazing.

Also of benefit to the AMA leadership team is my expertise in the field of genetics.  As evidenced by the 2018 Federal Budget, this area of medicine is a key driver of our future and the impact it will have across all fields of medicine is significant.  I am an Emeritus Member of the Human Genetics Society of Australasia, with professional respect across the country and internationally.

I am passionate about improving nutrition in our community, particularly in childhood. We must improve nutritional literacy for all Australians.  We must also improve genomic literacy for the community, patients and all healthcare professionals.

A focus on the future is what is driving me to nominate for Vice President. As a teacher and researcher, I continue to work with many young doctors and students. If we don’t advocate strongly for them, they will not have a profession, but a mere job.

I am not running on a ‘ticket’ as I know I can represent the interests of all States and Territories and work alongside all President nominees.

If you would like further information or to contact me, please visit my website:

https://janicefletcher0.wixsite.com/aboutjanicefletcher I would love to hear from you.

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