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Cardiology in the real world and whole world

One Sunday last month, colourful Sydney-based barrister and social commentator Charles Waterstreet began his regular column for the Sydney Morning Herald with the casual revelation, “By the time you read this, with a bit of luck, I will have joined tens of thousands of Australians who have a mesh stent placed in the coronary artery in their heart” (http://www.smh.com.au/comment/we-can-take-heart-for-a-change-is-gonna-come-20130713-2pwhe.html).

That this brush with coronary artery disease rated only a passing mention seems a far cry from the days, just a few decades ago, when men in their middle-aged years were admitted to coronary care with “heart attacks”, and doctors did their best to deliver supportive management while watching as the electrocardiographic changes of dying myocardium evolved to their full and crippling potential. The improvements in our knowledge and skills directed…