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[Case Report] Leukaemic vasculitis with myelodysplastic syndrome

A 75-year-old black woman with insulin-dependent diabetes and obesity presented in January, 2015, with a 10 day history of pruritic lesions on her arms and legs, 2–3 months of night sweats, and 3 weeks of right-sided headache, sinus pain, and congestion. The skin lesions had developed while she was taking prednisone for presumed temporal arteritis. She had no associated fever, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, myalgia, or arthralgia. On examination she looked well. On the extensor elbows extending down her forearms bilaterally and on her knees and shins were dozens of 1–2 cm oedematous pink-red papules with a darker red-violet central zone, resembling atypical papular target lesions of erythema multiforme (figure).