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Challenges of transition to adult health services for patients with rare diseases

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What can be done for young people stuck in “health care limbo” when they leave paediatric services?

The teenage years are a time of transition, when young people must adapt to enormous physiological and emotional changes but also need time to aspire to the future. Young people living with chronic complex disease have dreams, but their challenges are amplified as they face transition from paediatric to adult health services and begin to take charge of their own complex health care needs.1

Young people need the assistance of adult health services to deal with adult issues: sexual health, fertility, drug and alcohol use, mental health, lifestyle-related disease and issues related to disability, employment, education and training. For most of their lives, young people with chronic diseases have been engaged in a paediatric, family-centred multidisciplinary model of care. They need preparation and support to move into adult services, which are more specialised, less integrated, and centred more on the individual than on the family.1,2 Failed transition leads to poor engagement with health services and adverse health outcomes.2

Despite a number of…