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Changing roles

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Some readers have noticed changes at the MJA. I am pleased to mind the store until the appointment of a new Editor-in-Chief, well aware of the achievements at the Journal of Emeritus Professor Stephen Leeder, AO, in recent times. As a member of the Editorial Advisory Committee, I salute Steve’s contribution to the Journal.

One change planned in recent months is the one-page summary of research articles. This follows similar practices in international journals and responds to our continued discussion with our audience. This makes the research articles shorter, clearer and straight to the point, and also provides an opportunity to further explore and expand the original data online. The introduction of this format now represents part of the transition to electronic publication of the Journal. You are invited to comment.

More generally, I would be delighted to hear directly from any reader who has constructive suggestions for improving the Journal. As Interim Editor, I expect to serve more as an umpire in decisions at the Journal than as a shaper of its future. But I will, of course, share any emerging, creative ideas with the next Editor-in-Chief.

Emails to cguest@mja.com.au will be considered in confidence. Depending on the volume of suggestions, I will reply. If you wish to publish your thoughts in the Journal, please refer, as always, to our Instructions…