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Children’s protective eyewear: the challenges and the way forward

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Children’s eye injuries prompt calls for increased adoption of eye protection for children at risk

Ocular injuries are common in childhood, and their aetiology and epidemiology are well documented.1,2 Internationally, 20%–59% of all ocular trauma occurs in children (male to female ratio, 3.6 : 1), with 12%–14% of cases resulting in severe monocular visual impairment or blindness.2,3 In 2009, the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare identified that people aged < 19 years represented 15.6% of eye-related emergency department presentations between 1999 and 2006.4 Most eye injuries in children occur at home (76%), with the remainder occurring during sport and other recreational activity.2,3,5 In a recent New South Wales study, open globe injuries accounted for 40% of ocular trauma in children; of these, 48% occurred at home and involved common household objects.6 In 2000, 2.4 million eye injuries in the United States were related to sporting activity; 43% in children aged < 15 years and 8% in children aged < 5…