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Clinical software on personal mobile devices needs regulation

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In reply: I appreciate the interest in my article.1 More comprehensive research work is currently underway to evaluate the application of personal mobile devices (PMDs) in the context of security risks posed by their intrinsic functions. The importance of such research findings is borne out by emerging discussions.14

Many platforms already offer security or locking software applications to avoid information breaches on PMDs, and nascent moves to develop applications that will facilitate configurations separating work data from other data have commenced. Articles that offer practical PMD support for clinicians have occasionally been published;3 however, preliminary analysis of the evidence suggests many physicians are generally unaware of these and other fragmented support resources.

The integrity of PMD usage in the health care sector depends on government regulation dictating the appropriate levels of security in such products.4 Prevention of medicolegal and security concerns is required now rather than waiting for future management of the inevitable…