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Clinical staging for mental disorders: a new development in diagnostic practice in mental health

Matching the timing and intensity of interventions to the specific needs of patients

The release of the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (DSM-5)1 classification system, scheduled for May 2013, will create controversy due to the expanded range of problems now classed as mental disorders. However, in our view, it is unlikely to improve clinical care. The ultimate test for any system of diagnosis is its clinical utility. That is, does it assist clinicians to improve their selection or sequencing of treatments and enable them to make more accurate prognostic statements in keeping with newer concepts and knowledge? We propose that a refinement to traditional diagnostic practice — clinical staging — is more likely to improve clinical care and inform future research into the causes of mental disorders.25 Further, clinical staging draws the practice of clinical psychiatry closer to general medicine, especially with regard to chronic disease management.

In the past century, a major challenge for psychiatry was a lack of international consensus on diagnostic categories.…