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[Comment] Effective drug therapy for cocaine dependence: a milestone

In The Lancet, Mascha Nuijten and colleagues1 present the results of a multicentre, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial assessing the acceptance, safety, and efficacy of sustained-release dexamfetamine in cocaine-dependent patients on heroin-assisted treatment. The study findings showed that 60 mg/day oral sustained-release dexamfetamine over 12 weeks was well accepted, safe, and superior to placebo in terms of days of cocaine use (mean 44·9 days [SD 29·4] in the sustained-release dexamfetamine group vs 60·6 days [24·3] in the placebo group [95% CI of difference 3·1–28·4]; p=0·031; Cohen’s standardised effect size d=0·58) and all self-reported and urine-based cocaine use-related outcomes.