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[Comment] Multiple myeloma—translation of trial results into reality

In the past decade, treatment of multiple myeloma has progressed greatly as a result of several new active drugs, especially lenalidomide and bortezomib.1,2 In late 2015, three additional new drugs—elotuzumab, daratumumab, and ixazomib—were approved by the US Food and Drug Administration within the space of 2 weeks.3–5 Several other drugs are in advanced stages of investigation, including isatuximab (a CD38 monoclonal antibody), marizomib and oprozomib (new proteasome inhibitors), filanesib (a kinesin spindle protein inhibitor), dinaciclib (a cyclin dependent kinase inhibitor), venetoclax (a selective BCL-2 inhibitor), ACY-241 (a selective HDAC6 inhibitor), and LGH-447 (a pan-PIM kinase inhibitor).