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[Comment] Stopping the body count: a comprehensive approach to move towards zero tuberculosis deaths

Tuberculosis has been a curable disease since the 1950s. In the more than six decades since then, knowledge has been amassed about how to ameliorate its social causes, prevent its transmission, and treat both its clinical and quiescent forms.1,2 In many high-income settings, this knowledge has been used with great success. Elsewhere, this is far from the case: more than 4000 people die from this curable and preventable airborne disease each day, mostly in low-income and middle-income settings.3 Distressed by the status quo, in 2012 more than 500 scientists, policy makers, and advocates from around the world signed the Zero TB Declaration, which called for “a new global attitude” in the fight against tuberculosis, and argued that, with the right set of interventions, the planet could move rapidly towards zero deaths from tuberculosis.