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[Comment] Super-spreading events of MERS-CoV infection

Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) was first identified in September, 2012, from a 68-year-old man who had died of severe pneumonia and multiorgan failure in Saudi Arabia in June, 2012.1 Since then, MERS-CoV infection has spread to 27 countries, including South Korea, where 186 cases had been confirmed within 2 months following the return of a Korean businessman (Patient 1) who had visited four countries in the Middle East between April 18 and May 3, 2015.2 This major outbreak in South Korea is characterised by five super-spreading events in hospital settings,3 of which two were related—one at Pyeongtaek St Mary’s Hospital (Pyeongtaek; by Patient 1)4 and one at Samsung Medical Center (Seoul; by Patient 14).