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Composite reliability of workplace-based assessment for international medical graduates

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The known Workplace-based assessment (WBA) of the performance of doctors has gained increasing attention. The reliability of individual assessment tools has been reported in previous studies. 

The new We analysed the composite reliability of a toolbox of WBA instruments in assessing international medical graduates (IMGs). For five case-based discussions, 12 Mini-Clinical Examination Exercises and six multisource feedback assessments, the composite reliability coefficient was 0.899 (standard error of measurement, 0.125). 

The implications The reliability of WBA for assessing the performance of IMGs is excellent. WBA can also be used for performance assessment in other settings. 

The purpose of this article is to report the value of workplace-based assessment (WBA) for evaluating international medical graduates (IMGs). Most countries have systems for assessing IMGs. Fundamental to these systems are robust assessment procedures that assess their fitness to practise, and they typically include written multiple choice question tests and objective structured clinical examinations.1,2 The virtue of standardised tools is that the assessment…