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[Correspondence] Denosumab and fracture risk in women with breast cancer – Author’s reply

I thank my colleagues for their remarks on our study.1 With respect to Azeez Farooki and Monica Fournier’s comments, I agree that the Fracture Risk Assessment Tool (FRAX) algorithm is a valuable tool to determine the actual fracture risk of patients with osteoporosis. However, this algorithm has never been prospectively validated in patients with aromatase inhibitor-induced bone loss (which could be different from so-called natural osteoporosis). We would certainly like to apply FRAX to the ABCSG-18 trial data,1 at least retrospectively; however, not all patient parameters needed for FRAX calculation are available in the dataset because FRAX was not as popular and established when the ABCSG-18 trial was designed in 2005 as it is today.