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[Correspondence] Graded exercise self-help for chronic fatigue syndrome in GETSET

The mean score for physical functioning (measured by the Short Form-36 [SF-36] subscale)1 for people aged 35–44 years is 93·3 (SD 13·4).2 Participants in the GETSET trial by Lucy Clark and colleagues3 had a mean age of 38·1 years in the active treatment arm (guided graded exercise self-help [GES] group) and 38·7 years in the control group. After the short 12-week intervention, participants’ mean self-reported physical functioning score using the SF-36 scale was 55·7 (23·3) in the GES group, an increase from 47·3 (22·2) before the intervention, compared with a slight increase in physical functioning in the control group from 50·1 (22·6) to 50·8 (25·3).