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[Correspondence] Key donors to reinstate health funding to Zambia

In her World Report (Aug 8, p 519),1 Ann Danaiya Usher noted that key donors intend to reinstate health funding to Zambia 6 years after a corruption scandal that led them to withdraw funding. It is true that an immediate decline in health indicators—such as antenatal coverage, tuberculosis, malaria, and diarrhoeal and respiratory infections—was seen after the loss of funding. However, between 2007 and 2013, Zambia recorded huge reductions in maternal and child mortality—with under-5 mortality declining by 37% and maternal mortality by 33%—and improvements in several other service delivery indicators and health outcomes (eg, family planning, deliveries by skilled providers, treatment of fevers and acute respiratory infections in under-5 children, use of insecticide-treated bednets, total fertility rate, and prevalence of chronic malnutrition among children younger than 5 years).