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Cost of best-practice primary care management of chronic disease in a remote Aboriginal community

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The health of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people is very poor, and their access to primary care is inadequate, especially in remote areas.13 Prevalence of and mortality from type 2 diabetes (hereafter diabetes) and chronic kidney disease (CKD) are extremely high in remote Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory.4 Chronic disease is responsible for 80% of the mortality gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, with diabetes accounting for 12%.5 For all Indigenous Australians, the self-reported prevalence of diabetes is more than three times, and the incidence of end-stage CKD six times, the non-Indigenous rates.3 In remote Aboriginal communities in the NT, CKD prevalence is up to 25% of the population,4 or 46% of adults.6 Diabetes prevalence is in the order of 13%7 to 16%4 of the population, or up to 29% of adults.6 Both conditions are major contributors to cardiovascular disease, the greatest single contributor to the mortality gap.5

The origins of the chronic disease epidemic in Indigenous populations and, more broadly, the…