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Creating health care value together: a means to an important end

Using a value co-creation approach to build closer integration between researchers and the “business” of health care can deliver effective health care reform

Australia’s outgoing Chief Scientist Ian Chubb issued a researcher “call to arms” in November 2015, when he identified Australia as the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) country in which the research and business communities were least likely to engage with each other: “[given] the rhetorical tailwinds blowing over decades … you would have to conclude that we have a very big anchor (our culture) or no sails (our collective will)”.1 This Supplement supports the importance of this link and argues that the mismatch in a nation that does well in research but poorly on translation can be overcome — but only with our collective focus, new approaches to engagement, and a willingness to capitalise on a governmental direction now firmly rooted in innovation.

In 2013, the Strategic Review of Health and Medical Research (the McKeon Review) made 21 recommendations for improving Australia’s research quality and productivity.2 Among them was the bringing together of hospital and community care networks, universities and research organisations “to embed research within the health care system” and “facilitate…