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Dr Burnt’s consultation

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A day in the life of an oncology registrar

It’s Monday morning and I arrive at the oncology outpatients department to do a clinic with my consultant. It’s overbooked — yet again. The reminder alarm on my smartphone starts beeping. The alert flashes that I have to submit my oncology advanced training paperwork today and try to get hold of my supervisor to sign it off, and that I’m doing a journal club presentation tomorrow.

So, things are already sounding busy for the next 24 hours at least. I take a deep breath and get ready to start my clinic.

Before the consultation

The outpatients’ waiting room is already full and the reception staff seem to be panicking already. I pick up the case notes of a 29-year-old man who is attending the clinic to be told the results of his restaging scan for melanoma and to discuss treatment options. I start thinking that there have been a lot of developments recently in the field of melanoma.

Meanwhile, my consultant, who knows this patient very well, walks into the clinic central meeting room. He…