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Dream job Down Under

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The schedule is 60 hours per week and I often work 30 hours beyond that

Joint winner

As a child, long before I thought of becoming a doctor, I was sitting at home on the couch in Sweden watching the TV series “The Flying Doctors” along with my siblings. We thought it was super exciting — adventures in the wild with aircraft, illnesses and accidents. I didn’t think much more about the TV series until it was time to go to Australia and become a flying doctor for real!

But how did I get here? A few years ago my husband Erik and I talked about what should be our next step in life. I had just passed my exams to be a consultant in infectious diseases and had at that time already changed my career pathway to emergency medicine and anaesthetics. Erik worked at the Swedish Trade Council in Oslo and our four children, aged between 2 and 7 years, went to school and kindergarten.

We wanted to try new things and experience other cultures. We also wanted the children to see some other parts of the world and become bilingual, preferably with English as the second language. Because of the children, we thought it best to leave the trouble spots alone. With these requirements, the list of countries became fairly short. I started to Google for jobs in Australia and, almost immediately, stumbled across an advertisement for the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS), which sounded absolutely wonderful…