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Evaluation of the impact of National Breast Cancer Foundation-funded research

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The role of charities in supporting health and medical research is substantial. In 2011, Australia’s total federal, state and non-government organisation spending on cancer research projects, programs and infrastructure was $300 million, of which $83 million was awarded by major national cancer research funding charities, including $9 million by the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF).1 With growing competition for the charity dollar, it is becoming increasingly important for medical research charities to demonstrate the outcomes or benefits of the research that they fund and to identify research strategies that are most likely to produce future benefits.24

The NBCF was established in 1994, and by early 2012 had invested over $81 million in over 300 Australian-based research projects. The NBCF seeks to invest in breast cancer research that will have the greatest impact, aiming to reduce the burden of a breast cancer diagnosis for all those living with or at high risk of developing breast cancer, and their families. All funds are raised from and within the Australian community. The NBCF’s research investment strategy supports a commitment to funding across the research continuum from…