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Fostering creativity and innovation in the health system: the role of doctors-in-training in biomedical innovation and entrepreneurship

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Doctors-in-training are well positioned to continue Australia’s strong history of biomedical innovation and entrepreneurship

In Australia and overseas, there is growing interest in the development of biomedical innovation and entrepreneurship relating to improvement of diagnostics, treatments and health services.1,2 Innovation follows from the efforts of biotechnology and pharmaceutical organisations, academia and the health services sector. Entrepreneurship is then required to market innovations.

A lack of talented biomedical innovators and entrepreneurs limits positive change in health care. The Department of Health and Ageing’s McKeon review: strategic review of health and medical research — better health through research proposed ways to enhance research capacity and commercial and non-commercial pathways to innovation.1 The review strongly supported junior health professionals engaging in innovation research. These proposals were endorsed by the Australian Medical Association’s position statement on clinical academic pathways.3

Doctors-in-training (DITs) — medical students, interns, residents and specialty trainees — are well placed to develop their innovation and entrepreneurship skills, given their traditional medical skills…