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How good are you at basic suturing?

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Are you a junior medical officer looking for a refresher in basic suturing?  Are you up to date with your basic surgical skills? Suturing is an essential skill in the everyday practice of medicine. Although suturing technique is important, as a junior doctor you’re also expected to have a thorough understanding of wound management in general to effectively care for a patient with a laceration.

Whether in primary health or in an emergency environment,  junior doctors will encounter many types of wounds requiring closure. The decision to close a wound and the technique used are influenced by many factors, including location, depth and contamination of wound, age of patient and resources or time available.

Designed in response to feedback from junior doctors and accredited for CPD by ACRRM, ACEM, CICM and ANZCA, the Basic Suturing learning module will help doctors bolster their competence in the basic  techniques of minor surgery. Doctorportal Learning, in partnership with Osler, have created an easy to understand, well-structured module with step-by-step instructions and streaming video demonstrations of basic knot tying and suturing techniques for beginners. The module covers:

  • Wound assessment
  • Wound cleaning
  • Suturing technique
  • Post suturing wound care
  • Knowledge and assessment.

Click here for more information and add basic suturing to your skills.