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Invitation for nominations for election to Federal Council as Area Nominees

The Articles of Association of the AMA provide for the election, every two years, to the Federal Council of one Ordinary Member as a Nominee of each of the following Areas:

1.      New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory Area

2.      Queensland Area

3.      South Australia and Northern Territory Area

4.      Tasmania Area

5.      Victoria Area

6.      Western Australia Area

The current term of Area Nominee Councillors expires at the end of the AMA National Conference in May 2014.

Nominations are now invited for election as the Nominee for each of the Areas listed above.

  1. Nominees elected to these positions shall hold office until the conclusion of the May 2016 AMA National Conference.
  2. The nominee must be an Ordinary Member of the AMA and a member in the relevant Area for which the nomination is made.
  3. The nomination must include the name and address of the nominee and the date of nomination.  It may also include details of academic qualifications, the nominee’s career and details of membership of other relevant organisations.
  4. Each nomination must be signed by the Ordinary Member nominated AND must be signed by two other Ordinary Members of the AMA resident in the Area for which the nomination is made.
  5. Nominations should be addressed to the Secretary General (marked “Private and Confidential”) and to be valid must be received at AMA House, 42 Macquarie Street, Barton, ACT 2600 no later than 1.00pm (AEDT) Friday 7 March 2014.
  6. A nomination may be accompanied by a statement by the nominee of not more than 250 words. Such statement will be circulated with the ballot paper if it is approved by the Federal Council.

For a copy of a nomination form or any general enquiries, please contact Nadene Sharpe, Office of the Secretary General and Executive (tel: 02 6270 5460 or email: nsharpe@ama.com.au).

Anne Trimmer
Secretary General
30 January 2014