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Lecture attendance and use of digital recordings in medical training

The education of medical students and trainees increasingly involves technology. Learners expect to use technology as part of their studies;1 yet teachers can struggle with this change in learning behaviour. Although digital resources can improve learning, we have insufficient understanding of learners’ experiences2 or choices about using them to supplement or replace traditional teaching methods. Our research aimed to explore medical students’ decisions about using digital resources in order to better tailor our educational approaches.

We conducted mixed methods research using student questionnaires about lecture attendance and use of digital resources, and learning analytics to assess how digital resources were used. The research was conducted with final stage students undertaking their paediatric term at Sydney Medical School from October to November 2014 and from March to May 2015 (with approval from the University of Sydney Human Research Ethics Committee). Here, we report the questionnaire results on lecture attendance and use of digital recordings.

In total, 105/129 (81.4%) students completed the questionnaire (Box). The majority of students attended all or most lectures (89/103) and also listened to recordings (89/101). The most common reasons for lecture attendance were to show professionalism and respect for the lecturer…