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Management of dengue in Australian travellers: a retrospective multicentre analysis

The known The revised WHO guidelines (2009) are a helpful tool for managing patients with dengue, but among Australian medical practitioners there is a lack of awareness of the warning signs of severe dengue in travellers. 

The new Two-fifths of Australian travellers hospitalised for dengue presented with warning signs of severe dengue. Many signs were unrecognised as such, and NSAIDs were prescribed for more than 20% of patients, exposing them to unnecessary risk. 

The implications Australian clinicians should be familiar with the clinical manifestations of dengue, especially of dengue with warning signs, and with its management. 

Dengue is a mosquito-borne disease caused by infection with one of four serotypes of the dengue virus, a member of the Flavivirus genus. An estimated 50–100 million people are infected with the dengue virus each year, and the World Health Organization has designated dengue a neglected tropical disease and major international public health problem.1,2 Paralleling the increasing numbers of major overseas outbreaks, the number of infections diagnosed in Australian travellers has increased…