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Medical Research Future Fund “What’s the fuss?” campaign launched

Medical Research Future Fund "What's the fuss?" campaign launched - Featured Image

A new community-led campaign hopes to build awareness among Australians about the importance of the Medical Research Future Fund.

The television and online campaign features Carrie Bickmore, Ita Buttrose, Natasha Stott Despoja, and former Australians of the Year Sir Gustav Nossal and Professor Patrick McGorry.

It will ask “What’s the fuss?” about medical conditions such as dementia, brain cancer, heart disease, and mental illness.

Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) Action Group Chair Peter Scott says: “The MRFF is the serious investment in health and medical research that Australia needs, and we are grateful that it is receiving the fuss it deserves thanks to so many high profile people being so generous with their time in filming with us, simply because they care so much about improved funding for medical research.

“As a protected, perpetual fund, the Australian Government’s MRFF will lead to many more medical discoveries and help us make our health system more effective and efficient by doubling the government’s investment in medical research.”

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Scott hopes the website www.whatsthefuss.org.au will become a place where people can tell their personal stories, be they medical research success stories or about conditions that need more research.

“There are the people we’ve lost, such as our group’s founding chair, Alastair Lucas, who died of brain cancer recently. For him before he died, and for all who loved him, there was that crucial intangible that medical research delivers: hope. Hope for a treatment, for a cure. Hope is priceless.”

The Medical Research Future Fund is a protected, perpetual fund that is slated to build to $20 billion by 2020. At this point, it will deliver $1 billion in annual funding to medical research and innovation.

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