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Members Forum – 26 August 2013

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Populations are ageing and the incidence of chronic and complex disease is rising. Dr Morton says he sees plenty of evidence of this in his own practice. One reader thanks Dr Brian Morton for his hard work.

I suspect Brian you would find that the RACGP position is very similar to the AMA. Rather trying to be involved in discussions rather than being left out of them in order to keep the primacy of the General Practitioner as central to Primary Care.
Nobody I have talked to (so far) wants capitation and the difficulties of rigidly applied medical home concepts. Voluntary it must be. Thanks for the hard work on behalf of Primary Care.
Submitted by Karen Price (not verified)

The policy agenda at AMSA’s most recent Council Meeting was huge. Their burgeoning global health arm, in particular, had put in an enormous effort to update existing policy and draft more besides. One of these was an extension of AMSA’s support for the health and human rights of asylum seekers and refugees. One reader shares his view.

Good article Ben. Would be interesting to have Christine Milne at the debate to remind the population of their responsibility of basic humanity. This policy would have been more appropriate coming from Pauline Hanson.

Submitted by Bob Vickers (not verified)

AMA President Dr Steve Hambleton has vowed to continue the fight to get the $2000 cap on tax deductions for work-related self-education expenses scrapped despite the Federal Government’s decision to defer the tax change until mid-2015. AMA members express their opinion on the $2000 cap.

Most of rural doctors are majority IMGs. We are asking to dumb down training by offering tax cap. Risking practising safe and evidence-based practise.
Submitted by Gabrielle Fairfield (not verified)

Gabrielle Fairfield’s submission doesn’t quite add up for me “Rural doctors are majority IMGs” presumably means that IMGs represent a majority in rural practice. They are no more or less likely to require ongoing CME than are the rest of us – but in their more remote situations will have already used up most of their ‘allowance’ just getting to the venue to receive CME. The cap is an insane revenue grabber, and in typical Labor party mode assumes only the ‘wealthy’ will be affected. As a specialist in Far North Queensland ANY meeting requires at least $500-700 airfares to go anywhere, let alone accommodation, meeting fees etc.
Submitted by Chris Jelliffe (not verified)