Breast cancer gene relief
WOMEN with relatives who carry the BRCA genes do not have an increased risk of breast cancer if they don’t carry the genes themselves, new research in the Journal of Clinical Oncology suggests. The study contradicts previous research which found that these non-carrier women had a five-fold increased risk of breast cancer. The new research was reported by the ABC’s PM program.

Fat protects in falls
ALTHOUGH obesity increases the risk of falls and injury overall, this may be somewhat offset by the protective cushioning offered by body fat and increased bone density in weight-bearing joints, according to a new report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. The research was reported by Sky News.

Yoga helps back function
AMONG adults with chronic back pain, a 12-week yoga course led to greater improvements in back function than usual care, new research in the Annals of Internal Medicine finds. Pain scores were similar in yoga and usual care groups. The research was reported by

Forever young
REMOVING senescent cells, which accumulate in various tissues and organs and are causally linked to ageing, can prevent or delay tissue dysfunction and extend “healthspan”, according to new research in Nature. The research, conducted on genetically engineered, rapidly ageing mice, was reported by BBC News.

Exercise thwarts obesity
PEOPLE with a genetic susceptibility to obesity can benefit from being physically active, according to a meta-analysis published in PLoS Medicine.  Researchers found that a gene known to increase the risk of obesity had a 27% weaker effect on physically active adults compared to those who were inactive. They said the results challenged the view that genetically determined obesity was not amenable to exercise. The research was reported by USA Today.

Posted 7 November 2011

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