Issue 29 / 1 August 2016

WELCOME to the new-look MJA InSight.

We’ve redesigned the site to make it more user-friendly, more navigable and easier to read and enjoy. We’ve simplified the menus and options, improved the quality of photos and used a clean, more readable font and colour scheme.

The other thing we’ve changed, which you may not notice at first glance, is that we have moved MJA InSight to a new home. Instead of being hosted on the MJA’s website it is now hosted by doctorportal, our other sister publication.

The move was made for practical reasons – the software used to build doctorportal is more flexible and modern and gives us the opportunity to make the design changes we wanted in order to give you a better experience.

It also means that you can now easily read MJA InSight on your mobile phone and tablet.

Let me assure you that nothing will change in terms of the kind of content we present at MJA InSight. You will still have access to three news stories, three commentaries, news briefs and polls every Monday. People sometimes express concerns that because the MJA, MJA InSight and doctorportal are “owned and published” by the Australian Medical Association (AMA), that the AMA therefore dictates our content choices and directions.

That has never been the case, and continues to not be the case.

If you already receive the MJA InSight weekly email newsletter, then you will not need to sign in to have access to the new website and all the content therein. You will still be able to click through to MJA open access content, and you will also be able to read other news on the doctorportal site.

If you would like to comment on MJA InSight articles, you will be asked to sign in once, and only once.

If you are accessing MJA InSight via Google, social media links or other entry points and don’t have a doctorportal account, you will also be asked to sign in once, before you continue through to all of InSight’s content, all MJA open content and doctorportal.

In short, we’re giving you more bang for your buck – or more bang for your free access, to be more accurate.

We would love to have your feedback about the new design – tell us what you like, tell us what you don’t like. You can contact me at; you can also find us on Twitter (@theMJA) and on Facebook (

Thanks for your time and your continued support. Enjoy!

Cate Swannell is the editor of MJA InSight and the news and online editor of the MJA.


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2 thoughts on “New home and look for MJA InSight

  1. Steven says:

    Bravo Cate – It works on my mobile and my tablet and my computer.

  2. Cate Swannell says:

    Thanks Steve, that was our aim … we really appreciate the feedback!

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