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A little-known condition — and there is much work to be done

Mondayitis is a widely known and discussed condition in popular culture. Searching for “Mondayitis” on PubMed, however, will not return any positive results (as of Sunday 6 September 2015). We hope to address this gap in knowledge by proposing a number of possible hypotheses as to its cause, and so assist a keen researcher in directing his or her energies in the most fruitful direction for further exploration.


In the absence of a formal medical definition, one must be forgiven for resorting to “Doctor Google” for the popularly accepted meaning. It leads us to a number of definitions all of which emphasise that the symptoms, consisting of apathy and lethargy, are seen on Monday. We believe that this definition requires broadening as it unjustly excludes sufferers who do not work a regular Monday to Friday working week. Hence, we would like to propose a more generalised definition: a systemic illness with a non-specific constellation of symptoms including fatigue, lethargy or asthenia, dysthymia, irritability, light-headedness, photophobia, dry mouth, myalgia, and headache in the absence of another focal or systemic illness. These symptoms commonly manifest as an overwhelming desire to skip work or, if sufficiently mild to allow attendance at work, in a dishevelled appearance and feeling poorly. Symptoms typically occur…