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Wearable sensor measures fitness levels, heart function

Researchers from the University of California-San Diego in the US have developed a wearable patch that can measure biochemical and electrical signals in the human body simultaneously, reports Medical News Today. “The device — called the Chem-Phys patch — measures real-time levels of lactate, an indicator of physical activity, as well as the heart’s electrical activity. Put simply, the novel technology monitors a person’s fitness levels and heart function at the same time, and it is the first device that can do so. The patch is made of a thin, adhesive, flexible sheet of polyester, which the researchers manufactured using screen printing. A lactate-sensing electrode is situated in the centre of the patch, and two electrocardiogram electrodes are situated either side. The researchers found that the data collected by the EKG electrodes closely matched the data collected by a commercial heart rate monitor. Furthermore, they found that the information gathered by the lactate sensor closely matched lactate data collected during increasing physical activity in previous studies.”


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