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“Post-Ebola syndrome” dogs survivors

Many survivors of the recent Ebola epidemic in West Africa are now returning to clinics complaining of mysterious symptoms: chronic headaches, debilitating joint pain, even eye problems that can progress to blindness, Wired reports. Doctors in the region have begun calling the suite of problems “post-Ebola syndrome” (PES) and they’re developing clinics devoted to caring for Ebola survivors. Until the latest epidemic, evidence of PES has been hard to find because survivors were rare. “But this most recent outbreak was unusual in the number of people who survived it — a new population to study. With 15 000 or so confirmed survivors in West Africa, epidemiologists ought to be able to nail down which symptoms are caused by Ebola infection”, rather than other suspects like Lassa fever or malaria.

Jail sentences for Bangladeshi paracetamol syrup poisoners

Six senior employees of the now-closed drug company BCI Bangladesh have been handed 10-year jail sentences for making toxic paracetamol syrup which allegedly killed hundreds of children in the 1990s, AFP reports. The men were charged in 2009 after it was found that the syrup had been adulterated with diethylene glycol, commonly used in the leather industry, and 10 times cheaper than the safe propylene glycol. Only one of the six men will go to jail, however, as the other five are still on the run. “Mohammed…