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Inhaled Ebola vaccine stops virus in monkeys

The New York Times reports that a single dose of a new, inhalable Ebola vaccine has neutralised the virus in monkeys. The study, conducted by University of Texas researchers, was published first in the Journal of Clinical Investigation. Four rhesus macaques were given one aerosol dose, four were given two aerosol doses and two were given the vaccine in liquid form. Two were not vaccinated, serving as controls. Four weeks after treatment, all the monkeys were given a dose of Ebola, 1000 times the fatal dose. A week later, the two unvaccinated monkeys died but the vaccinated animals remained healthy. The survivors were euthanised and their blood and tissues showed no sign of Ebola. The next step is for the National Institutes of Health to perform clinical trials on humans.


New CEO for Medical Deans is Carmel Tebbutt

Former New South Wales cabinet minister Carmel Tebbutt has been announced as the new chief executive officer of the Medical Deans Australia and New Zealand. She will replace incumbent Professor Judy Searle, who is retiring from the role after 2.5 years. Ms Tebbutt starts in the position…