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No butts as ‘toxic tush’ doctor ends up behind bars

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A backyard operator posing as a medical practitioner has been jailed in the United States after performing procedures that left one person dead and others grossly disfigured.

In what has become known as the case of the “toxic tush”, the Miami Herald reported that Oneal Ron Morris, 32, appeared in a Miami Court last month to accept a plea deal for one count of illegal practice of healthcare, and will spend 366 days in prison.

The case drew international attention after it was claimed that Morris had injected a mix of toxic substances including Super Glue, tyre sealant, mineral oil and cement into the buttocks of a patient, leaving her struggling in hospital with pneumonia and grossly deformed hips.

Prosecutors said they were unable to determine exactly what substances Morris had injected into her patients, and she may yet face a manslaughter charge arising from the death of a client in a county north of Miami.

The case has shone a light on an underground business in Florida involving supposed doctors performing cosmetic procedures on patients in private homes and hotel rooms, with concerns that dozens of people have been left maimed or disfigured.

Adrian Rollins

Image by Michael Coghlan on Flickr, used under Creative Commons licence