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Obesity in the USA

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In an interesting and worrying trend in the USA, a major survey suggests that some people who are declaring they are exercising more may be also reporting that they are becoming more obese.

According to a Bloomberg report, about 24 per cent of US adults surveyed last year said they exercise enough each week to meet government recommendations for both muscle strengthening and aerobic exercise, according to a large annual health survey. That was up from 21 per cent in 2015.

But the same survey says 31 per cent of adults indicated they were obese last year, up slightly.

Another, more rigorous government study has also found adult obesity is inching up.

So, if more Americans are exercising, how can more also be getting fatter?

Some experts think the findings may reflect two sets of people — the haves and have-nots of physical fitness, so to speak.

Experts say it’s possible the people becoming more active are already normal weight.

The numbers come from an in-person annual national survey that for more than 60 years has been an important gauge of US health trends. Roughly 35,000 adults answer the survey every year, including questions about how often, how long, and how vigorously they exercise in their leisure time.