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[Perspectives] Jean-Paul Moatti: charismatic French leader in global health

“This is my first real job in management”, says Jean-Paul Moatti, who was appointed jointly as Chairman and Executive Director of France’s National Research Institute for Development (IRD) in March, 2015. A leading figure behind the Lancet France: nation and world Series, Moatti’s role at IRD puts him in a unique position to steer France’s output in global health research over the next few years. “International research is my love, and IRD is the best place I could be”, he says. “Our job is to help and collaborate with the scientific communities in the countries where we have a presence, to strengthen research capacity, and ultimately health systems globally.” IRD, jointly funded by France’s research and foreign affairs ministries, is involved in biomedical and human development research in 28 countries, many of them Francophone nations, but also with reach in southeast Asia and in Latin America.