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Preparedness for practice: the perceptions of graduates of a regional clinical school

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The known Universities, medical authorities and employers are interested in whether medical graduates are adequately prepared for practice. Medical graduates’ self-assessment of their capabilities on entering the workforce are relevant to this question. 

The new Graduates from the Launceston Clinical School generally felt well prepared for the transition to clinical practice as a junior doctor. 

The implications Reforms of undergraduate medical education should focus on moving graduates from feeling merely prepared to being well or extremely well prepared by the time they commence practice. The survey could be administered more broadly to obtain a national, longitudinal perspective of perceived preparedness. 

The dual responsibility of medical schools — to train doctors in the capabilities they need for practice immediately after graduating, and to prepare them for adapting to constantly changing health employment systems — is being examined in the context of an increasing focus by governments and higher education bodies on how prepared graduates are for medical practice.14 Most medical graduates in Australia…