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Fast Facts: Hypertension 4th Edition


Fast Facts: Hypertension 4th Edition


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Hypertension is the biggest cause of death and disability in the world, yet it remains underdiagnosed, undertreated and, in many cases, poorly controlled. As in the previous edition, Fast Facts: Hypertension advises on:

  • accurate measurement of blood pressure and problems such as ‘white-coat’ hypertension
  • routine assessments for people with high blood pressure
  • other modifiable risk factors (smoking, high cholesterol levels etc.)
  • non-pharmacological measures (reducing salt, losing weight, increasing physical activity etc.)
  • rational and effective use of all drug treatments
  • identification of people with secondary hypertension
  • treatment of children, pregnant women, the elderly and patients with diabetes.

Updates in this new edition include:

  • distinguishing between patients with primary (low renin) and secondary aldosteronism
  • greater use of home BP measurement in clinical decision-making
  • the latest thinking on BP treatment thresholds
  • new guidance on fourth-line therapy for resistant hypertension

Sometimes dubbed ‘the silent killer’, hypertension rarely produces symptoms until it manifests as a heart attack or stroke, so early identification of the condition and appropriate management are vital. This practical readable refresher for every-day use supports better investigation and treatment of high blood pressure by primary care providers and better self-management by patients.


  • The dangers of raised blood pressure
  • Causes
  • Investigation
  • When to treat
  • How to treat
  • Special patient groups
  • Uncontrolled hypertension
  • Useful resources

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