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Oxford Handbook of Public Health Practice – 2nd Rev. Edition

Oxford Handbook of Public Health Practice – 2e

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Fine handbook offering practical and wide-ranging advice on key public health issues.


Problems, options, and priorites

• Introduction

• Scoping public health problems

• Turning public health problems into answerable questions

• Assessing health care needs

• Making choices – the role of health economics

• Assessing health impact

• Being explicit about values in public health

• Understanding ethics in public health

• Innovating

Using data and evidence

• Introduction

• Understanding data, information, and knowledge

• Qualitative and quantitative understanding

• Epidemiologic understanding

• Monitoring disease and risk factors: surveillance

• Investigating changes in occurrence

• Investigating alleged clusters

• Monitoring specific determinants and diseases – registers

• Assessing health status

• Summarising population health

• Measuring and auditing health inequality and equity

• Finding and appraising research evidence

• Providing data and evidence for practitioners and policy makers

Direct Action

• Introduction

• Preventing epidemics of communicable disease

• Protecting health, sustaining the environment

• Protecting and promoting health in the workplace

• Facilitating community action

• Respondong to disasters

• Assuring screening programmes

• Hard-to-reach groups

• Understanding public health genetics

• The practice of public health in primary care

• The practice of public health in poorer countries


Making Policy

• Introduction

• Influencing government policy: a framework

• Developing healthy public policy

• Law in public health practice

• Shaping your organization’s policy

• Translating policy into indicators and targets

• Translating indictators and targets into public health action

• Influencing governments via media advocacy

• Public health policy at European level

• Influencing international policy

Developing health system strategy

• Introduction

• An introduction to healthcare strategy

• Strategic approaches to planning health services

• Learning from international models of funding and delivering health care

• Setting priorities in health care

• Improving equity in health care

• Commissioning health care

Improving quality in health care

• Understanding health care quality

• Effecting change in health care organisations

• Quality improvement through chronic disease

• Variations in health care activity and quality

• Improving health and health care through informatics

• Evaluating health care technologies

• Getting research into practice

• Using guidance and frameworks

• Evaluating health care systems

• Evaluating patient experience and health care process data

• Clinical quality, governance and accountability


Personal effectiveness

• Introduction

• Developing leadership skills

• Effecting change at meetings

• Writing to effect change

• Working with the media

• Communicating risk

• Being a consultant

• Being a political activist

• Assessing and improving your own professional practice


Organisational development; Introduction

• Working in teams

• Managing projects

• Planning – operational and business

• Involving consumers

• Assessing public health effectiveness



• A chronology of Public Health Practice

• Ten golden rules of Public Health Practice

• Internet sources of references (Important websites)

• Abbreviations and glossary

• Bibliography

• Index

• Inclusion


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David Pencheon, David Melze, Muir Gray and Charles

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Oxford University Press


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